Rest Assured
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This was one of our most simple cases, however the outcomes for the patient changed her life. We were approached by a daughter who was suffering from multiple sclerosis.

The purpose of her consult was just to review her case and the care she was getting in Saudi Arabia, whether it was suitable for her or not. After a review by a top neurologist at Harvard, she was relieved, empowered and reassured that the medication she was taking and her care was the most up to date in global medicine.

We also told her of new possible medications and cures, where the research on them are done at highly esteemed facilities, that could make her a good candidate for those paths of care after we see the results of such research.

We promised her we would be the first to let her know. With a disease like MS, more than half of her battle was her state of mind, and we took care of that for her that she reached one of the best doctors and medical networks in the world and telling her she was on the right track.