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A grandfather came to us in his time of need regarding his long standing cardiological problem and a neurological problem. He was advised by his physicians to undergo an open-heart surgery first before addressing his neurological issues.

He gave us his case for review by world renowned interventional cardiologist Dr. Roger Laham; who advised him against any open-heart surgery and recommended that if he had to undergo an intervention it should be minimal invasive surgery.

He was very happy with an opinion that saved him from the many repercussions of an open-heart surgery as he was a great candidate for minimally invasive surgery. The patient didn’t want to undergo the surgery in KSA or USA, so we arranged for him to undergo surgery in his home country, which he already did and he is now back on his feet and back to work with the freedom to enjoy life with his family without worry.

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Rest Assured

Rest Assured:

Rest Assured: This was one of our simplest cases, however the outcomes for the patient changed her life. We were approached by a daughter who was suffering from multiple sclerosis.

The purpose of her consult was just to review her case and the care she was getting in Saudi Arabia, whether it was suitable for her or not. After a review by a top neurologist at Harvard, she was relieved, empowered and reassured that the medication she was taking and her care was the most up to date in global medicine.

We also told her of new possible medications and cures, where the research on them are done at highly esteemed facilities, that could make her a good candidate for those paths of care after we see the results of such research.

We promised her we would be the first to let her know. With a disease like MS, more than half of her battle was her state of mind, and we took care of that for her that she reached one of the best doctors and medical networks in the world and telling her she was on the right track.

Digging Deeper

A middle-aged father came to us to help him in his long and mysterious neurological case that seemed like it had no solution. For the past seven years, work ups have been done to diagnose him, and eventually he was diagnosed with multiple brain strokes

His physicians were not able to find the route cause of his symptoms or diagnosis. When he handed over his case to us, since it was a unique case to address, his entire case was displayed at an entire conference in a Harvard teaching hospital to work on solving his problem of multiple strokes. The results were eye opening for him.

His issue was not neurological as much as it was cardiological. The Harvard doctors realized that the cardiological issues caused blood clots that in return caused the strokes he has been having.

He was upset that he went through seven years without the proper diagnosis, however is extremely satisfied that he has a clear plan of care that will result in him enjoying his life with his children. 

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