* If a request for a consultation has been cancelled before an international consultant has been located and approved by the client, in this case a full refund will be given.

* If ProximityFocal failed to provide a consultation for reasons outside its capabilities or the international consultant was not able to complete the consult for any reason, then a full refund will be given.

* In case of the death of a client prior to receiving the consultation that was asked for, then a full refund will be given to the family of the client and ProximityFocal will cover the consultant’s expenses.

Refund Policy

Partial Refund:

* If the consultation is received at a delayed date than the date originally agreed upon with the client with the name of the consultant and before getting the client’s approval to send their case, then a partial refund will be given back to the client depending on the length of delay.

No Refund:

* If the client were to cancel their requested consult after selecting a consultant and sending their case over, then no refund will be given.

* If the client had different expectations for their consultation outcomes, then no refund will be given as medicine is a factual science and we contract with quality physicians.

How to Receive the Refund:

In case of a full or partial refund, ProximityFocal will return the amount specified within 30 days from the date pf the client’s approval and request for a refund. The amount will be returned to the client via the same means of payment.