About Us..

We might be a team of diverse professions, however and above all things.

Our strongest common denominator is that we are all Patient Advocates. From physicians to finance, we advocate you…..Read more.

What does ProximityFocal mean?

proximityFocal logoProximity focal is a joint venture between two companies; proximity in Boston, USA and Focal in Jeddah, KSA

the two companies noticed a synergy between the two names and purposes, thusly that gave Birth to one of our slogans ” through virtual proximity, our focus is on you” meaning that no matter the distance we can connect you to the best consultants in the world with the best healthcare management and coordination.

Why was ProximityFocal established?

As patient advocates, we noticed the need in Saudi Arabia for top confirmatory and second medical opinion, along with problems in keeping and accessing medical records, as well as a lack in healthcare management and coordination.

So we decided to take action in becoming pioneers to help the patients get a world-class second medical opinion, have easy and secure access to their medical records all in one place, all together with top and comfortable healthcare management services.

Basically, our core value is to place you and your family members in a non-disrupted circle of care; and make the care all about you.

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At ProximityFocal, we believe in working with and teaming up with healthcare entities and professionals in the local area in order to find the best and comprehensive solution for patients.

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In every case we deal with, no matter which type of consultation do they choose, we are committed to provide the patient with the utmost care we can. find more about included services..

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