What does ProximityFocal mean?

ProximityFocal is a joint venture between Two companies; Proximity in Boston, USA and Focal in Jeddah, KSA

the two companies noticed a synergy between the two names and purposes, thusly that gave Birth to one of our slogans ” through virtual proximity, our focus is on you” meaning that no matter the distance we can connect you to the best consultants in the world with the best healthcare management and coordination.

For more information please see About Us .

Why was ProximityFocal established?

As patient advocates, we noticed the need in Saudi Arabia for top confirmatory and second medical opinion, along with problems in keeping and accessing medical records, as well as a lack in healthcare management and coordination.

So we decided to take action in becoming pioneers to help the patients get a world-class second medical opinion, have easy and secure access to their medical records all in one place, all together with top and comfortable healthcare management services.

Basically, our core value is to place you and your family members in a non-disrupted circle of care; and make the care all about you.

Whom should I contact to ask about the services?

Our local team consists of general practitioner and a health concierge,
Your journey with us begins with the health concierge who can guide you and answer any question,
You can start by contacting us and our health concierge will be more than happy to help you.
You are more than welcome to visit us in the office.

How long does it take for the medical expert to get back to me, roughly?

It is variable, depending on the type and complexity of the case, we’ve had some cases that needed to be reviewed by a full medical conference.

Roughly, average response time is around 7 working days.

when should I pay and Can I get a refund?

When we get your approval to send your medical records to the international consultant, we will need to receive the payment then. since upon delivery of your medical records, we will be utilizing the consultants’ time.

Thusly, after receiving your approval, payment and receiving the medical records from you, our services are non-refundable.

What is the difference between the office consultation and home consultation?

Office consultation doesn’t require the general practitioner or the health concierge to leave the office.

In a typical office consultation, you would come to the office, and the GP or the health concierge will initiate a video consultation between you and the consultant in USA, they will be supporting you during the video conference, and then they will discuss more with you after the video conference is over.

Home consultation can be done in different ways, depending on your choice; you can choose to join a video consultation from your home, while at the same time the GP or the concierge is virtually participating from the office in Jeddah and the consultant is joining the video consultation from their place.

Another choice would be that our local team, including our GP, our concierge or both can travel to your bedside and initiate the video consultation between you and the consultant from your home not the office and spend time to go over the video consultation after the call is over.

It’s always depending on your choice and comfort.

If the opinion renders that I should undergo surgery or travel, can you help me search, investigate and compare the best doctors and hospitals in the place I want to get my surgery done?

Of course! Our local health management and coordination team can join efforts with our international team and their vast network to provide you with a consultation that will help you with such critical decisions and will provide you with multiple options regarding the availability, affordability and quality of the service that will enable you to make a good choice where affordability and good care intersect.

Does ProximityFocal offer consultations for kids?

ProximityFocal does not deny anyone from its services.

How long can I save my medical records in ProximityFocal’s medical record bank and access them?

If you would like to try our online medical records system, we would offer you a free trial period of one month, where you can enjoy having your full medical history, reports, investigations and imaging, all gathered in one place, easily accessed and at the same time, well protected by a user name and a password that we will provide you with, so you can have access to them whenever you need them.

After the one month free trial period is over, you can continue to keep them in our system for an annual subscription.

I want to ask about the prices, who can help me with that?

Please contact our health concierge who will be more than happy to provide you with a full financial plan about your case.

How can I get access to my medical records in proximity focal?

Upon your request, we will create a patient’s portal for you, that is secure and easily accessible by you, using a username and a password that we will provide you with, enabling you to view, print, download and upload your medical records.

What included services do I get when I ask for a consultation?

Not only do we provide you with a medical opinion, but with every consultation, you also get a full treatment plan and you will enjoy the comforting experience of our local health management team following up with you after the consultation is over, to ensure you get the most benefit out of the consultation and that you are on the right track.

Is there a chance to follow up with the same consultant I had in my first consultation?

Sure! It’s always your choice and we always work towards your comfort and best experience.

Can ProximityFocal’s local General Practitioner render me their medical opinion or prescribe me medication?

No, the GP job is to follow, facilitate and manage your care, as well as explaining and coaching you through your journey with us.

Your medical opinion is only rendered by our international medical consultants.

Can I involve my own doctor in my ProximityFocal consultation?

Of Course! We will be more than happy to get them involved in the process and discuss your case with them as a part of your follow up.

Our aim is to put you in a circle of care and we will welcome anyone who likes to join.