We are facilitators, enablers and empowerers – we are Patient Advocates.

Who we are?

ProximityFocal is a team of World Class physicians, healthcare managers and software developers who work together to find evidence based solutions in order to place a comprehensive and communicative circle of care around the patients and their loved ones

We accomplish that by making quality care accessible to patients. Whether it’s a consultation from a growing network of World Renowned physicians and American Board certified physicians, guidance and management of your care or using our services to fill in the gap that exist in healthcare systems, we promise that through virtual Proximity, our Focus is on you.

We might be a team of diverse professions, however and above all things, our strongest common denominator is that we are all Patient Advocates. From physicians to finance, we advocate you.


Our Vision

That ProximityFocal becomes the circle of care around every patient who searches for a second medical opinion to solve their problem.

Our Mission

  • To change the understanding of healthcare from mere medical to comprehensive care with management.
  • To build a continuous and successful relationship with the patient that is based on trust and fidelity.
  • To help save the time, effort and expenses for the sake of our patients.
  • To change the understanding of telemedicine to the broader understanding of telehealth.
  • To create a network of some of the top physicians in the world and have them join ProximityFocal to help our patients.
  • To help and guide our patients in finding the right medical solution for their case by providing a second medical opinion that gives them trust and confidence in their path to care.



ProximityFocal has Three Pillars that aim to raise patients’ quality and accessibility to care: World Class physicians, healthcare management and evolving software development that focuses on patient and physician user experience.

Yet the base on which these three pillars are built on and the entirety of ProximityFocal is patient centric care.

It means that we open doors and create more hopeful options for our patients.

It means we find the best value of care for you.

It means We create shortcuts and make renowned physicians easily accessible to you in a fraction of their waiting time in their local practices.

It means We want to work with your local physicians, clinics, insurance companies, pharmacies and hospitals in Saudi Arabia and gratefully include them within your circle of care as well as create a stronger bond between an ambitiously evolving healthcare system in Saudi and a network of renowned healthcare entities and solutions worldwide.

It means We find it of great importance that the people we work with internationally or locally, especially our physicians, have a very pleasant experience in helping you in your care.

It means that Every day for ProximityFocal is a day of a pioneer that touches a new horizon in healthcare and brings you the care that you deserve, right where you are.




In the English language, there are words such as “customer” and “guest”. In Japanese it is the same word and it’s Omotenashi. It’s a complex art of seamless care and service that brings unique and tailored results for each recipient of the care and is adaptable to change.

Omotenashi オモテナシ

ProximityFocal’s ethos of work rotates around this Japanese concept of providing services, in this case it is care; and putting the patient in the highest priority while Omotenashi is the energy that feeds our concept of Patient Centric Care. In essence,ProximityFocal aims to answer and solve many of what has been overlooked in traditional medicine.

The world of medicine and healthcare is evolving and we aim to be at the forefront of that wave.

Many cultures create a hierarchy between server and customer and the customer is on the lower end of the priority. This does not exist with adopters of Omotenashi where there is no “server” and “customer”; they believe in the equality of both parties where the server does not expect praise in return. We get over the hierarchy of server and customer by becoming a part of  your life.

For example, my waiter is my server just because they would only give me what I ask for. However, when there is a relationship where the server gives you more than what you asked for (i.e care, follow up, taking family into consideration, the over sighted) that is where Omotenashi comes in, by creating a comfortable and comprehensive circle of care around you as well as trust.

Under the umbrella of Omotenashi is Ichigo-Ichie: Tea Master’s belief that every encounter with you is single and unique. Every person has different situations that are attached to their care and we take that into consideration as we are Patient Advocates and tailor the care to that specific patient.

We go beyond and outside the realm of just conventional medical care and bring the word “care” back into “healthcare”.


At ProximityFocal, we believe in working with and teaming up with healthcare entities and professionals in the local area in order to find the best and comprehensive solution for patients. Many industries and companies pride themselves on competition, whereas we put in an effort and gratefully work with your local doctor and/or hospital as many healthcare entities have the common goal of helping people in their time of need with quality care.

That being said, we are more than happy to work with local health providers and stakeholders in all matters of health management and connection with our international network of top physicians.

We even offer collaborations with local hospitals and clinics to have them gain access to our telehealth services and roster of physicians for matters in medical consultation and peer to peer networking.

If you are a patient who would like to include their physician in the circle of care that we create for you, we encourage that and would be honored. If you are a healthcare entity or physician who is interested to know more, please click here.

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